Darleena Canania

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RWBY: Oscar

Oscar Pine belongs to RWBY

Scarlet: Alizarin J. Auburn

Name: Alizarin J. Auburn

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Semblance: Unknown

Speed: 15mph

Appearance: Light skin tone, red hair, dark blue eyes. wears a blue scarf, brown boots, olive colored jacket, a black bracelet on his left wrist.

Knowledge: Has average knowledge on science and literature. Great at math and history, but bad at art and gardening. Highly skilled close ranged fighter. Has no knowledge about silver eyes.

Attack: Swordsman fight style. He uses his sword to fight and is also good at fighting without it. He doesn’t know what his semblance is.

Personality: Very out going and can be loud. Likes to make friends, but also know when to not to make people his friend. He is very good at being able to tell who has good intention and who doesn’t.

History: Raised in a royal family of knights. His family doesn’t want to restrain him from what he wanted to be. When he told them he wanted to become a huntsmen they let him. He graduated from Atlas Academy and has been traveling since. One day he found Scarlet and wanted to be her friend instantly. He was worried about her at first since she hides herself, but judging how she helped others. He thought she’d be ok.. He finds out about her past and worries of people hunting her down. He decides to stay by her side and help protect her when she needs it.

You're NOT weak for calling for help!

My sister called the suicide hotline tonight.I’m not sure what was wrong she just told me that too much was coming at her all at once. I didn’t want to pry too much bc she called the suicide hotline. I told her that it was a good thing. She then told me that 2 of her good friends told her that she is weak for calling them. WTF! That is not weak! Asking for help is not weak! I told my sister that is not weak and that she is strong for calling them. We didn’t really get to talk.I hugged her and told her that it’ll be ok and repeated that it was good that she asked for help. If anyone of you is suicidal and have no one to go to CALL the hotline! Ignore those people who tell you that it’s weak for calling for help. Get help for you. Don’t lose yourself. Take care of yourself. Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Scarlet Storyboard Preview

A preview of a storyboard I'm working on to tell more to my character's story. Hopefully, I'll be able to get it all done next month. I'm excited to show more to Scarlet's story.

My Brother's Commission

My brother commissioned me and I finished it today.

New RWBY Fan Character Preview

Preview of a new RWBY fan character that I’m still designing. If anyone has suggestions for her design let me know!

Name: Scarlet (Dog)

Age: Young (unknown)

Gender: Female

Race: Faunus (wolf)

Semblance: Feint Shadow; When she hides in shadow and jumps out, her speed is doubled.

Appearance: Medium light olive skin tone, brown hair and tail, red eyes(or silver?). Most of her clothing is dark colored except for her weapon(claws) and wolf skull that she uses to hide her face.

Knowledge: Knows basic math and history. Very little science, but great at gardening. Highly skilled close ranged fighter.

Attack: She hides in the shadows and will strike down what she is after as quickly as she can. If it gets away she will chase it down. She will use her wolf skull mask to bite her enemies as well.

Personality: She’s usually quiet and doesn’t like to tell people about herself other than her name from fear. She helps people when they need it and becomes kinder each time.

History: As a toddler her family was killed by an assassin who thought he could use her for her eyes and called her, Dog. He trained her. Only fed and clothed her, nothing more than that. a group of people came to their door one day and killed that man. She thought they were there to save her, but she was wrong. To survive, she killed them. She ran from that place, gave herself a new name, and travels alone. She made her weapon from abandoned villages’ scraps. People still came after her and made use of her weapon. She eventually found a wolf skull and used it as a mask. The mask made her less noticeable. People who walked by would think that she’s a huntress. Some would ask for her help. In return they would teach her things, give her a place to stay for a while, or money. She did so, but always afraid that it was a trap. She doesn’t know why she helps whose who come to her that need it. She hopes that no one will hunt her down again.


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